Tilt-themed TEDxVancouver 2014 Builds Upon A Legacy And Inspires Change

On October 18, TEDxVancouver will once again open the stage to inventive and inspiring speakers, as well as establishing a backdrop for deep interactive discussions. Although TEDx is continuing the tradition of delivering “ideas worth sharing,” the theme, Tilt, is an encouragement for us all to break out of the status quo, disrupt the pattern and strive for improvement.

“Tilt—the way we are describing it—represents this transformative sequence that makes us better,” Jordan Kallman, president of TEDxVancouver told Techvibes. “As an individual you have your routines, your comfort zone, your patterns, and other things you follow on a regular bases; we are calling that tradition. And the tilt is when you get out of that moment and out of your comfort zone. But you do it because there is a payoff to it; the sequence ends in triumph.”

This year’s TEDxVancouver applies the theme in all possible areas, including the theatrical elements on stage and the social aspects of the conference. Whether you’ve been to a TEDx event before or not, Tilt has all the makings of a unique and inspiring experience that might just sway you in a whole new direction.

“We want to break the forth wall,” said Kallman, “we want to break the wall between the audience sitting in their seat in the house and the stage. This year, with Tilt, we really want to engage audience members in the experience within the theatre. And we’ve design some really cool things to make it happen.”

Queen Elizabeth Theatre—the largest venue yet for TEDxVancouver with 2,700 seats—is an apt venue for opening up the conference socially. The way the attendees mingle is always on the minds of those preparing the event, especially since TEDx is recognized for the social engagement value of the whole event in addition to the speakers.

“[TEDxVancouver] is a very powerful networking platform,” said Kallman. “The conference itself is a great day of meeting new people, people opening up new social connections and being around like-minded individuals who are thinking about the future or thinking about how things can change or thinking about how to make things better. And the audience cares.”

In an information-overloaded world, ideas become a cluttered commodity, rather lost in the sands, buried in the noise or force-fed by an anonymous avatar. TED conferences, and their distinctive format, have been able to take valued ideas and place them at the forefront of our periphery, still allowing us to discover and digest it ourselves in 18 minutes or less.

TEDxVancouver is an opportunity to learn, but it’s also an opportunity for Vancouver’s thriving tech community to get together and exchange ideas both local and global. It only makes sense; after all, the T in TED does stands for technology.

“Technology has been the core of the TED platform since the very beginning,” said Kallman, “and I feel like a lot of the ideas on stage have something to do with technology. It’s a great place for the industry to self-develop, champion their heroes and talk about big ideas.”

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