Bell Media Launches New One-stop Car Resources Website,

Formerly published in Techvibes. 

On July 24, Bell Media announced the launch of their new Autofocus website, The site offers research, review tools, and consumer resources in both English and French.

Whether you are a first time car buyer or an experienced gear head, Autofocus is built to enhance your car shopping experience in Canada. The easy-to-use and visually-pleasing website supplies helpful assistance auto experts, including advices and reviews, car buying tips and tricks, coverage of major auto shows, consumer reports, leasing and financing guides.

Autofocus also includes integrated research tools, user community profiles and social tools to help with the sometimes-overwhelming process of selecting a vehicle.

“Not every car buyer makes a purchase with the same level of knowledge or experience. With this in mind, Bell Media set out to build an automotive resource that offers a tailored car shopping experience with a best-in-class user interface,” said Catherine MacLeod, Senior Vice-President, Specialty Channels, Bell Media. “Informative and engaging, Autofocus is reinventing how people manage their car shopping experience. Autofocus is a valuable and convenient resource for Canadians making a new purchase, thinking about changing models, or just simply interested in cars.”

Autofocus has created a community of car owners helping each other make the best decision with the big purchase. Not every vehicle is suited for every person’s lifestyle and individual needs. With reviews, news, photos, videos and how to advices all in one location, Autofocus can help drivers find some wheels without any regrets and frustration.

Autofocus has picked out a team of auto experts and award-winning contributors and auto writers from Automobile Journalist Association of Canada: Jil McIntosh, Antoine Joubert, Matt Bubbers, Nadine Filion, Benoit Charette, Daniel Rufiange, and Howard Elmer. With their expertise and guidance you’ll be able to hit the road and get where you need to be without any detours—at least none in the purchasing process.


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