Android Users Can Now Channel Surf with Telus’ New Optik TV Remote App

Formerly published in Techvibes. 

This week, the Optik Smart Remote app developed by Telus became available for Android devices.

Searching for quality television can often be an ordeal. You often leap from one channel to the next without ever settling on anything. You mash the buttons on your remote, scrolling down the guide hoping that something of quality would appear—maybe it does or maybe it doesn’t, but either way what was supposed to be a relaxing evening on the couch becomes a stressful, indecisive night.

Telus Opitk Smart Remote app will replace the traditional guide on the TV. Instead of using the remote control that came with the television or the digital box, you can simply swipe your Android phone and browse the guide and tap on your desired channel to watch your show.

Optik Smart Remote app allows you to track your favourite shows and see what is the most popular. You will also be able to navigate through the interactive program guide on your device, search IMDB, Wikipedia and Youtube without interruption.

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“With Optik Smart Remote, it’s quick and easy to find the best thing to watch—and it’s now available for both Apple and Android devices,” said David Fuller, Telus’ chief marketing officer. “Our goal is to continue providing our Optik TV customers with a richer TV experience. Optik Smart Remote takes that experience to the next level. A tap or swipe of the fingers on your smartphone or tablet lets you control your TV without interrupting or missing a moment of your favourite program, plus you can easily set and manage your recordings at home or on the go, meaning you won’t miss out on any of your favourite shows even if you’re away from home.”

The free app is now available for Apple and Android devices and contains multiple enhancements, including new channel scroll bar, PVR recording enhancement that gives users the capability to filter and sort shows by dates, series or titles.

Currently Telus Optik TV offers over 620 channels, including 160 HD channels.

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