Sodraft Creates Limitless Fantasy Sports Platform With Social Interaction

Vancouver-based Sodraft is aiming to be the major league of fantasy sports.

Krishna Joffile, founder and CEO of Sodraft, recognized that the current fantasy leagues in the market, although served as a satisfying pastime, left a lot to be desired. Joffile as a fantasy sport fanatic himself wanted a more socially engaging platform, a wider selection of competitions and a chance to win cash prizes.

Fantasy Sports Trade Association estimates that during 2011, one in nine people in North America are in at least one fantasy league. So it only made sense that that large group of people has a chance to interact with each other, negotiate about sports or just banter on about their favorite teams and rivalries.

“Everyone within our target market who has tried our draft loves it, and we know the total market is large enough that we will have success in some capacity,” said Jolliffe. “We just need to create awareness, and I am confident our innovative Indiegogo campaign has the power to reach a large portion of our target market and let them know who we are and what we do.

They have officially launched their Indiegogo campaign last week in hopes of gaining funds to help run a beta test for the 2013 NFL fantasy drafting platform. Sodraft has created a true social fantasy experience with their new platform. It combines the key functionality of a social networking platform, where users can choose to play, share and compete with as many or as few opponents/friends as they want. If Sodraft meets their fixed funding goal of $20,000 by August 10, they will make the beta platform available to the public by August 29.

A serpentine draft simulator, X-Draft, powers Sodraft’s drafting platform. It generates approximately seven trillion unique teams combinations, while still keeping the traditional snake-drafting format.

Sodraft has partnered up with, and They will also be offering contributors and members perks that ranges from $20 event credits to historic sports memorabilia.

“As we do not produce consumer goods and we will never charge our users to play on our platform, we could not go with a traditional perk strategy,” said Jolliffe. “We had to determine an innovative way by which we could offer our supporters, and potential future members, some value so they feel comfortable contributing to our campaign.”

“To offer additional perk options at the higher levels, we decided to try pre-selling our primary future revenue stream—our ad inventory,” he continued. “From our research, we could not find any other crowdfunding campaign which has attempted these strategies, so this campaign will be a test within itself.”

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