Saskatoon’s Rsl Labs Launches OfferMe, an App to Make Advertising Fun for Consumers

Advertising and marketing to customers is not always fun—sometimes it can even feel intrusive and be annoying—but Saskatoon-based software startup Rsl Labs Inc. has developed a new iPhone app to make the process enjoyable and rewarding.

OfferMe allows businesses to advertise their products and services by using interactive prizes.

“Many businesses are not happy with the status quo because of the high cost of interactive print advertising and slow turn-around time,” says Deepak Lakhanpal, founder of Rsl Labs Inc. “With OfferMe local businesses can create their interactive prize for customers within minutes using our self-serve website. Or we can manage that aspect for businesses as well. We are taking real-world experiences and recreating these experiences on customer’s mobile phones.”

Rsl Labs has received positive feedbacks after testing OfferMe for a few months now. Consumers using the app will be able to earn prizes, discounts and rewards from scratching a feature of the app or spinning a wheel. OfferMe makes communication between businesses and consumers quick and easy, especially for time-sensitive or limited quantity discount offers.

As of July 18, businesses can start registering on OfferMe and have their interactive prizes live on the app “within minutes.”

“We currently have 2,000 downloads of the OfferMe app in Saskatoon. As more businesses register and the word gets out we expect that number to increase substantially. In the next few months, we will be releasing the app on other mobile platforms as well,” says Lakhanpal.


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