Ottawa’s Powerstick Keeps Your Smartphone, Tablet, and Life Fully Charged

Although a double espresso might get you through the latter parts of your day, your smartphone and your tablet are not always as easy to re-energize.

We all dread watching those last few percent on the battery bar tick away as we hastily finish off an email or an important phone call. We have all gone hunting for power outlets and been prisoners to the cord, but now Ottawa-based Powerstick is freeing us from the restrictions of limited battery life.

Since 2011, Powerstick has been innovating the way people recharge their mobile devices. From humble beginnings to award winning products, Powerstick is constantly looking for new ideas from conception to results.

The first generation of the Powerstick was the size of a stick of gum and could charge most mobile devices. It won the CES Award for Best Innovation and is also available as a 2GB, 4GB or 8GB portable hard drive. From there, Powerstick received numerous upgrades and awards. The company took an inventive route and started developing different models, including the Powertrip, a heavy-duty charger that has a wall socket, USB port and a solar PV panel, perfect for situations such as long distance travel and camping. The Powertrip has enough energy to fully charge three smartphones and certain models are able to hold up to 16GB of memory.

Nigel Harris, CEO of Powertrip originally fashioned the portable charger for its practical uses, but he quickly discovered that his product was a terrific tool for branding.

“When a corporation like Google or Ford or an organization like that wants to launch a new product or new service they like to give gifts to promote,” said Harris, “So we brand our product with Google’s name or Ford’s or whoever and they give them out to clients as free gifts. It is wonderful for us.”

Powerstick prefers to steer away from the bottom prices, extended terms and guaranteed sale-through of big box retailers; instead they deal primarily with promotional distributors. But as popularity grows and public demand rises, Powerstick is now offering online sales capability for those who want to purchase products in smaller quantities on their website.

As technology continues to evolve, battery life remains ever more important. Even though innovations have been made, all battery will still inevitably die.

“Every couple of months you’ll read in the newspaper about how so and so somewhere has come up with a brand new technology that will revolutionize battery storage,” Harris told Techvibes. “But it never actually gets brought to market. We are going to be stuck with the same battery technology for practical purposes.”

Whether it is with new companies, new technologies or new geographical areas, Powerstick is in a position of infinite opportunities. They will once again be entering four new products in the CES Awards and will also be attending the PPAI Expo in January with great intention of promoting to distributors worldwide.

“We are in a really cool spot,” said Harris. “We are conceiving and executing on brand new products all the way from concept to the production units inside of five months and it is very very exciting. We are winning awards and we are this little Canadian company.”

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