If you ever need a punctual and dedicated writer, Elliot is the one to talk to. He is passionate, communicative and very easy to work with.

He has also made a big impact on the company. Unhaggle has started out with next to no content, but now its car-buying advice articles are a big part of what the company does — and Elliot was one of the key people to make that happen. If you are looking for dedication and passion, Elliot will deliver all that and more.

-Taras Trofimov, Content Lead at Unhaggle.com

A talented and personable individual to work with, I consider myself lucky to have spent the last two years working with Elliot Chan at the Other Press. While already a proficient writer from the get-go, Elliot has quickly become a cornerstone for the publication, sharp-witted and never short of an opinion.

-Jacey Gibb, Editor-in-chief of the Other Press

Elliot has been working with us for almost a year and the work he sends always delights me because it goes above and beyond – his articles are always well researched, reported and written. Elliot also has directly contributed to our 95% increase in blog readership in unique visitors. I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a fast learner who will produce actionable results!

– Vijay Jeyapalan, marketing director at Unhaggle.com

Elliot has proven to be such a valuable addition to the Ricepaper Magazine team! Cheerful and energetic, he’s extremely proactive about taking on assignments in all aspects of the magazine’s needs, not only as a writer of print and web content, but in project management and distribution as well.

-Anna Ling Kaye, Editor of Ricepaper Magazine

While Elliot is indeed a sharp, clever, well-researched, and professional writer, I have always been most impressed by the seamless diversity of his work. Elliot’s writing is versatile: he can write about almost anything and in any style (from reporting hard news and in-depth tech stories to exploring provocative opinions pieces to presenting thoughtful interviews and feature articles to writing creative fiction and hilarious humour pieces), all with a trademark wit and subtle sophistication. Like an elite athlete, Elliot makes what he does look easy–but flawless, concise, interesting work like his is hard to find and a positive, timely, responsive writer like Elliot is even harder to find.

Oh, I can’t wait to see the places Elliot Chan will go!

-Sharon Miki, Humour editor and former Editor-in-chief of the Other Press


Elliot Chan is a clever and diligent writer who consistently meets deadlines and is capable of making any topic interesting to read about. His unique voice combines subtle humour with accessible prose and never wastes a word.

-Knowlton Thomas, Managing editor of Techvibes Media Inc.


As a reporter for Techvibes, Elliot has represented our brand well by interviewing local entrepreneurs and profiling their startups in exciting ways. He has also proven effective and attending and covering local events on our behalf. He is a well-rounded writer who is efficient and reliable.

– Robert Lewis, Editor-in-chief of Techvibes Media Inc.


Elliot came recommended through a mutual friend. I brought him on to Wonder Shuttle as a researcher, and he consistently delivers on deadline. His work has helped me win new clients and retain old ones. I appreciate his curiosity, which I find makes him adaptable to both new topics and new areas of old topics.

– Herbert Lui of Wonder Shuttle Media Inc.

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