Best Articles

I’ve made some good stuff and I’ve made some bad stuff… here are the good ones:

The art of being alone: There is no shame in solitude (2012)

Nothing in life is permanent: The rise and fall of the male perm (2013)

Investing in Friends: Three Heartbreaking Books About Loyalty (2017) 

Fresh Off The Boat or Cast Away: How a third-culture kid tried to act the role (2014)

The First Rule of Worklife Freedom: ‘Fight Club’ or ‘The Four-Hour Work Week’? (2017)

Watching the Audience: Why I Did Standup Comedy and Why I Stopped (2015) 

The boomerang generation: How I learned to stop worrying and love debt, parents, and unemployment (2013) 

A love letter to the capital cursive G (2013)

A series of breakup letters (2013)

30 Lessons I’ve Learned Before 30 (2019) 

The Power of the Nap: Don’t be lazy; find time to rest (2013)

Don’t brag about your work ethic, ever: Why nobody needs to know that you are a hard worker (2015) 

10 Lessons I Learned From NaNoWriMo and Daily Vlogging (2018)

Student apathy and other problems for the editor-in-chiefs of the ‘Other Press’ (2016)