I Got a Brilliant Idea! [Video]

Around six years ago, I started working on a novel. I was inspired by epics such as The Song of Ice and Fire, The Dark Towers, and The Lord of the Rings.

I knew it would be difficult, but the first draft came to me very easy. However, I didn’t have a conclusion. Thus, I decided that this story would be a part of a larger work — a trilogy. Young and naive, I set off on this journey and was immediately stopped by what I will now refer to as reality.

School, work, and life all together put this epic story on the shelf. I knew, as the way my life was unfolding, I might never take it up again. It would be an unfinished work. A great life regret. I have a knack for not finishing work, and I hate myself for it.

Most recently, I started working for Wondershare Filmora, producing content for YouTubers. It is a world that I absolutely relish being a part of. And so, not wanting to only observe from the perimeter, I’m participating.

I have attempted a few YouTube projects in the past. Most notably my attempt at a cocktail/beer channel, It’s Not a Problem Yet and my cult (amongst my friends) magic series, Mind Flirt. I have learned from those two projects that creating video content is a lot of work, especially when you are not an expert and require expensive resources (ie cocktail ingredients, magic skills).

So here is my new YouTube/novel project, entitled The Other Epic Story Vlog. While the fear of me abandoning this project, as I have done with so many before, is crossing my mind. I feel I may have finally found two projects that align. I can work on my epic novel and create videos about it at the same time.

This will be an interesting learning experience as I dive back into old work and venture beyond. The Other Epic Story Vlog will be interactive. I will learn about writing techniques and try to apply them on camera. Watching someone write is not always fun, in fact, it’s quite agonizing, but I feel like I am onto something here. I feel like this might be a pretty brilliant idea.  


Follow my writing journey! 

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