End of 2016 Update…

This has been an exciting year for me as I have taken a long-term hiatus from freelance writing to focus on my role as Marketing Manager at Control.

The new responsibility means that I am spending less time sitting at the desk finding the perfect word, but rather sitting at the desk — or the boardroom table — contemplating and deliberating strategy from content creation to public relations to affiliate programs.

In order to keep my footing in my new role, I’ve put a pause on creating my own content… but I have worked with some brilliant talents to produce a variety of marketing material for Control that I would really like to share. Have a look at this dope infographic about The Stripe Ecosystem, designed by Visual Capitalist.

I’d also like to start sharing my experience as I learn to be the ultimate marketer (en route to being the best all round writer I can be). I might do it here or I might do it on my Medium page. Either way, I’ll try to be sure you find it. That’s kind of what marketing is all about, right?

Until then, if you would like to see what I’ve been up to or if you are a payment analytics fanatic or someone who is starting a business and wants to learn how numbers can help you grow it, check out the works from our content team at the Control Blog.

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