Indochino Leverages Customized Marketing Campaign to Get Men Dressing Better

Formerly published in Techvibes Media. 

Indochino is a leading online custom menswear company, and it’s one that began with a simple vision: helping men dress better and easier.

Cofounders Heikal Gani and Kyle Vucko set to achieve their goal by developing a straightforward online system that allows customers to quickly enter measurements, select garments, and personalize their outfit in 30 minutes or less. Few weeks later the fully customized suits will appear on the doorsteps of customers.

Since 2007, Indochino have been seeking innovative and creative ways to approach men—who often have the tendency to be more reserved when it comes to fashion. Online tailoring sounds too good to be true for many and that is why Indochino considers the value of in person experience. Thus, bringing to the life the Traveling Tailor Pop-up Shops that have made tours across North America, including Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland and Vancouver.

“We created these Pop-up stores and events to go into a city and connect with the customers and potential customers in a very short period of time,” Sarah Wallis, COO of Indochino, told Techvibes in an interview. “[Indochino] gives them the experience, the handholding and the high-touch interaction that they want and then we take care of the rest. Furthermore, after they’ve gone through the experience once they’ll feel much more comfortable coming back, they don’t need to take measurements again—they simply have to select their garment. It’s like shopping at any clothing website, except what they get is fully tailored to them.”

Indochino’s main tool for spreading the words about the Traveling Tailor Pop-up Shops is with Facebook. Customers’ voices tend to be louder than companies, so when satisfied people talk, others listen. That being said, Indochino still applied several critical components to the Pop-up shop marketing strategy. Because each event is only around in a certain area for a brief period (one to two weeks), timing is key.

“[First,] time is of the essence in terms of getting it in front of customers, having them make appointments,” said Wallis, “and having them come see us. The second thing is that it has to be geographically targeted. We don’t want to spend any money telling a customer in Florida about an event that is happening in Vancouver. Finally, what Facebook allows us to do is ensure that we are talking through our own existing customers to custom audiences.”

There are now numerous touch points for companies/tailors/customers interaction, and online presence is just one. Although Indochino is exploring the vast landscape of the Internet to appeal to a broader audience, they believe retail stores have their own advantages and shouldn’t be ignored.

Brands need to recognize the different devices and habits of today’s customers; smartphones, tablets, laptops, call centres, social media and retail stores all work together to create an ecosystem to serve the public. So the idea of the online marketplace wiping out malls and retail stores in the future is not one that Indochino prophesize.

“It’s not necessary for us to have a fulltime retail presence in any specific area,” said Wallis. “Our Pop-up events provide the level of interaction that our customers want. And then we can move on efficiently to other areas and interact with other customers.”

The Indochino Traveling Tail Pop-up Shop will be in Vancouver until November 3. Then they’ll be heading to Calgary and San Jose to wrap up 2013. In addition, their holiday collection is now available on their website for you to personalize. For more details about Indochino and their Pop-up events please visit theirFacebook site.

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