GamePress Lets Gamers’ Imagination Run Wild with New Game Creation Platform

Formerly published in Techvibes. 

GamePress co-founder Murtaza Sadaat and his brother and cousin Hamed and Behroz Sadaat grew up like most game-loving children” envisioning fantastical worlds and the possibility they have from the tips of their finger to the virtual screen.

As adults they have taken their childhood whimsy, combined it with modern day technology, and created a mobile platform that offers users the freedom to build, modify and share unique games.

Based in London, Ontario, GamePress transforms the complexities of game programming into an interactive, touch, drag and drop interface that gamers can utilize to build original games on their iPad. Physics simulations, game logic, animations, special effects and artificial intelligence are the brush strokes on each game canvas. Graphic designers, game developers and inventive children alike will now be able to use the mobile platform to construct their own pastime.

“Thinking back to when we were young playing games,” says Murtaza Sadaat, “we’d say Mario is awesome, but I would love a level like this or a level like that. I feel everybody has a mindset to be creative and bringing games to another level. They just don’t usually have the opportunity to do that.”

Above all else, fun is the objective. A quality game does not have to look the best or have a lengthy storyline or the newest graphics or technology; it all comes down to the game play. Sadaat believes that some of the best games are the simple ones that can engage an audience with a worthwhile experience.

From the early days of Atari to the current mobile devices era, games have been in a constant evolution. Playstation, Nintendo and Xbox are not going extinct any time soon even though mobile is gaining more presence. The consol gaming experience is not rivaling the mobile experience. Sadaat is not convinced that the two will merge, but instead remain two separate brand of entertainment.

“There is a different type of control scheme, different type of input and just a whole different game style that works on tablets and mobile devices,” Sadaat told Techvibes. “With GamePress we give our users total freedom. They can do whatever they want with the touch screen or the tilt control. We leave it up to the users to come up with the best game play, so the next generation of users who are growing up on tablets and smartphones will know what feels natural for them.”

YouTube has created a whole market for user-generated content; GamePress’s attitude is not so different. GamePress enables creators the ability to share their work on a network called the GamePress Arcade, a community of user-generated games. GamePress is also developing a publishing service to help compelling, high-quality games be sold on App Stores, Google Play, etc.

“We want to create a platform where you can create games, share them and if the opportunity arises—even make money off the platform,” Sadaat added.

GamePress is currently free to download at the Apps Store. And in the future, the app will introduce social features permitting users the option to leave comments, collaborate on projects and purchase and sell assets. This will allow musicians and other artists the chance to sell their content to game creators.

On Saturday 22, 2013, GamePress will be presenting their app at Project Play, a gaming event in the London, Ontario community. In addition, GamePress is hosting a game-creating competition, Greatest Game Challenge submission deadline will be on November 1, and with the first place prize being a PS4, the game featured in app stores and GamePress Arcade, Facebook page and the GamePress website.

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