The sky is fall-ing

Braving the end of another year

By Elliot Chan, Opinions Editor

Formerly published in the Other Press. Sept. 2013


Long days, bikini-clad girls, and patio chairs—it’s going to be a while before we see any of those things again. As the change in season becomes more apparent, people are becoming more irritable. The constant rain, the midday darkness, and the approaching end of another year bring a melancholy feeling that is usually accompanied by an unexpected head cold. Summer is gone, but the transition to winter isn’t all mournful and gloomy. Autumn has charming qualities that are worth falling for.

The smell of autumn air, when it’s not yet too cold and still reminiscent of a bygone summer, can refresh the body. Staring off into the distance and seeing the city dappled with red, orange, and yellow, I can’t help but breathe in the sweetness—even though for a moment I want to complain about the chill and the rain. And it’s my right as a Vancouverite to complain, but I won’t, because that won’t change the weather. What I can do instead is dress for the occasion, and autumn happens to be a very fashionable season. Delightful combinations including scarves, toques, and sweaters might not be the same as showing off my beach body, but hey, argyle looks good on me too.

Sure, I wish the freedom of summer would last forever, but deep down inside I know I need the sophistication of autumn to teach me how to grow and become a responsible human being. Classroom lectures and day jobs begin to fill up the time spent basking in the sun, and it’s okay because it’s progress. And then just when you think you’re on a roll and you’re working too hard—Halloween comes out of nowhere and rewards you. Well, lies, it doesn’t come out of nowhere, you’ll have been preparing for it a month beforehand, but your PG-13 costume will be so worth it.

Whether I’m slipping into my Ugg slippers and making some hot chocolate for a long night indoors, or I’m putting on my cardigan to hunt for the perfect pumpkin at the store, autumn fills me with whimsy. As mature as I am, the season still causes me to conjure up some childlike imagination—the kind that says make-believe isn’t completely absurd.

The finest entertainment comes during this time of year, too. No, I’m not just talking about Thanksgiving, family dinners, or other cheesy stuff like that. I’m saying that autumn means movie theatres are removing the disappointing blockbuster flicks and introducing quality ones which will vie for a spotlight during award season. It’s also the best time of year for sport fanatics: hockey, American football, and basketball seasons return, while baseball, Canadian football, and soccer head into playoffs.

Sure, I miss the carefree sunny days of summer, but who has time to mope over our fading tans when we have so much autumn to look forward to?

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