Foodies Rejoice: New Mobile App Foodshootr Makes Sharing Meals More Savory

Formerly published in Techvibes. 

Three meals a day. Simple, fleeting moments of life. It fills our bellies, builds our relationships and sometimes forces us out of our comfort zone. Food and the way we eat is what makes us human, and Toronto-based iPhone app Foodshootr wants to create a community around our pallet with pictures.

On July 31, Foodshootr launched for iPhone (and will launch soon for Android and BB10) and food lovers are starting to salivate over the simplistic app. Foodshootr mixes the stylistic photos of Instagram with the destination sharing features of Foursquare.

Foodshootr CEO Alexander Perri began as a commercial photographer. He admits that he was one of those people that loved taking pictures of food at restaurants. Using mobile devices at dining tables used to be considered taboo, but now it is an ultimate compliment to a chef and a beautiful way of sharing meals and nurturing food discovery.

“We are trying to take a step back and bring the whole food aspect back to it,” Perri told Techvibes. “You can argue that everybody has Instagram, and would Instagram their food, but it is too cluttered and you will always find a bunch of other photos on there. And it is hard to come across great food when you are trying to find something good to eat.”

Foodshootr is more than just a camera app, it is includes many feature to help foodies connect with great restaurants in their communities and all over the world. It collects feedbacks for restaurants. That allows customers to be in touch with those cooking and serving their meals. The app also includes a built in chat feature that enable users to quickly communicate with other users, whether they want to ask about a meal or rendezvous at a dinner table.

But the app is not only helpful for foodies, but also for those feeding them. After all, nothing helps spread the news about a delicious meal or a wonderful restaurant like a hungry word of mouth.

“We spoke with a lot of restaurant owners and we are making them see the benefits of Foodshootr,” said Perri. “They want their customers to have a good experience at their restaurant. So they are taking pictures and sharing it with their friends and that will help drive traffic for customers.”

Whether you are starving or just in need of a quick snack, Foodshootr is here to help increase your appetite and trigger some ideas.

We are fortunate to be living in a place with so many great dining options, but most people don’t even know it. Lets admit it, finding a good place to eat and a fun venue to hang out is not always a simple task. It can be demoralizing and cause the stomach to churn.

“From our point of view even if we aren’t hungry or we don’t want food it still helps us decide what we want to eat later and gives us ideas for what we want to prepare for ourselves,” said Perri. “But I feel it is constantly making me hungry.”

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