Tapped Mobile Launches in Canada with Top Tech Partners and Brands

Last week, Tapped Mobile announced its official launch in Canada, offering brands a new approach to marketing.

The Canadian mobile advertising market will grow by over $135 million this year, and Tapped Mobile is partnering up with leading mobile ad tech companies to bring the highest quality products and services to Canadians.

Some features that Tapped Mobile’s partnerships will deliver are store-level mobile location data, first video ad units with social sharing, several in-stream video ad units, location-based retargeting, mobile research and many more.

Tapped Mobile was founded by Jed Schneiderman, Eric Shedletsky and Mark Shedletsky in 2012 with its headquarter in Toronto. The executive team combines for over 25 years of marketing, ad sales and mobile start-up experience.

“We scour the world for the best mobile ad technologies,” said Tapped Mobile President Jed Schneiderman. “We screen them vigorously and bring the best ones to Canada so that you can be ahead of the curve, delivering huge value to your brand and reaching your consumers in the most trusted and proven ways possible.”

Schneiderman was a senior management at Microsoft and CTV before he founded Tapped Mobile. He also took on a strategic marketing role at MTV, AOL, and Procter & Gamble.

Several Canada’s top brands have already signed on with Tapped Mobile. After six months of operation Tapped Mobile have been advertising across different sectors including wireless, cable, auto, consumer packaged goods, QSR, travel and more.

“We ensure each and every campaign is optimized in three ways” said Co-Founder of Tapped Mobile, Eric Shedletsky. “First, we help our clients leverage the best mobile technologies; then, we pinpoint the exact right audience across a huge list of top tier publishers and utilize the best performing ad units to deliver strong ROI.”

Brands and companies are paramount to technological innovations and Tapped Mobile, with its respected reputation will be expected to deliver top-notch ad tech for companies across the country. With Canada’s mobile marketing industry in high demand, there is no better place to start than here.

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