Canada Still Discover the Most New Music via Traditional Radio

Music comes at us from all directions now. Songza, Grooveshark, and Youtube are just some common online alternatives to discovering new tunes. But according to Nielsen’s Music 360 Canada report, 61% of Canadians still find new music in the old fashion way—radio.

There was a period when the industry thought terrestrial radio signals would just fade out into the ether, to be replaced by some higher form of technological entertainment. Although those new advancements now exist, the radio is still a reliable source for new music, at least that is what the report shows.

Most music enthusiast tends to veer away from the radio after years of recognizing its repetitive format and endless advertising. With iPod adapters and auxiliary cords available in any car, anyone can now customize their soundtrack for their commute instead of being at the mercy of a radio station. Yet, it goes to show that music is not the forefront of people’s problems, most just want their songs force-fed to them and that is why there is still the radio.

Music video destinations such as VEVO are another new solution to music listening, with 27% of music discovered through these newer channels.

Only 9% and 8% of Canadians use satellite radio and digital music service Rdio to discover new music respectively. Those who listen to those services will discover 25% and 21% more music than the old school methods of movie soundtracks and television.

Fresh music is everywhere. Even though most Canadians still rely on the convenient radio to access new music, there is a rewarding sensation for stepping out of the comfort zone. There is no better time than now to venture online or through a blog and magazine and find a band, an album or a song that will strike a chord with you.

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