Milestone Reached by Canada Post as Mobile App Hits One Million Downloads

Over the Canada Day long weekend, Canada Post’s mobile app received its one-millionth download.

The app allows Canadians to access postal services such as parcel tracking, shipping rate look-ups and epost (a digital mailbox) through their smartphones. It is compatible for all major platforms including iOS, Blackberry and Android, with 85% of downloads coming from iPhones or iPad devices.

Canada Post’s mobile app had gained a lot of popularity. In 2011, the app was used seven million times, but in the first six months of 2013, Canadians have nearly doubled the usage.

It had consistently been a top five free business app in the country, with parcel tracking being the number one feature. Over 12 million Canada Post packages have been tracked using the app. In 2012 package-tracking usage has increased by almost three times since the app was introduced one year before.

“We know Canadians have changed how they communicate and how they use postal services,” says Kerry Munro, Group President, Digital Delivery Network at Canada Post. “Our job is to make it convenient for them and evolve to meet their changing needs.”

The one-millionth-download milestone is a big accomplishment for Canada Post and they proudly presented some stats showing their route towards that achievement. Toronto holds the majority of Canada Post’s mobile app users with 23.2%, Montreal is second with 17.9% and Vancouver is third with 8.7%.

When epost was introduced in December 2012, approximately 26,000 users have been accessing it every month. The service offers online mailing and bill presentment and payment through an electronic document delivery service.

Even though post is transitioning slowly into the virtual world, a post office is still a necessary place to visit once in awhile. A feature that has been assisting people and been gaining popularity is the post office locator. From 2011 to 2012, users have risen from 445,000 to 1.2 million.

People and businesses alike are quickly learning to utilize this new tool Canada Post has offered. Now with a new redesigned web environment, Canada Post is hoping to enhance the mailing experience in a digitized world. The new site is geared toward businesses with simplified navigation processes and an intelligent system that streamlines searches.

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