Voices.com Links Professional Voice Talents With Exciting Projects

Our voice, although it might often just be a reverberation in our throat conveying opinionated nonsense, still makes up a significant part of us. Like our face and body, a tone of voice can say a lot about a person and that’s why it is vital to find the right one for any marketing or artistic projects.

Since 2004, London, Ontario-based Voices.com has been connecting voice talents with exciting projects. The website caters to two groups: professionals looking for jobs as voice actors and those seeking talented voice actors. From advertising agencies to video producers, a quality voice actor can do wonders for the end product. But with a shift in the industry and advancement in technology, both parties are discovering new avenues of finding jobs and talents. Voices.com has been one of the first to pioneer the new way of doing business online.

“It’s vastly superior to the traditional model,” explains David Ciccarelli, founder and CEO of Voices.com. “It is kind of like travel. In my experience, I don’t know anybody who goes into a travel agency anymore. They would rather use Travelocity or Expedia or Hotel Tonight or anything. It is the same kind of business model, but we are recreating it and putting it online.”

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Voice acting is a luxurious profession that allows both audition and deliverable to be accessible electronically. Although some actors thrive on stage or in front of a camera, voice actors tend to work exclusively in a postproduction environment. Even though talent agencies still exist representing actors via paper-based formats, Voices.com recognized that in order to keep pace with modern technology, they must embrace the digital format.

“We are here to support the talent,” Ciccarelli told Techvibes. “If they start at Voices.com and graduate on to having an agent in New York or LA, then that is wonderful. But I think they will remember where they started. We operate in a very open and inclusive manner.”

Clients seeking voice talents with Voices.com can easily access the self-service posting that allows them to highlight the talents they are looking for. By stating key details such as language, gender, age range and some artistic direction (cowboy, teacher, accent, etc.), Voices.com will be able to take the gathered information and match it with a thousand of profiles on the website. And then using an algorithm, Voices.com’s software will select the perfect candidates for the job. From there the selected actors can audition for the role.

“Our software are only as good as people filling out the profile,” noted Ciccarelli. “The more information they put in their profile and the more helpful it would be for finding a job for you.”

Voices.com uses a quoting process to charge clients depending on the scope of their project. By allowing the market to dictate the appropriate pricing for the job, both the client and the 100,000 voice actors in the system will get the most effective result for their efforts.

With a new responsive design and mobile app, Voices.com is now expanding to different languages. This new advancement will allow actors and clients in different countries to access the page in their translated tongue.

“We have a hundred different languages represented,” Ciccarelli added. “There are people all around the world who have these credentials and skill sets. It truly is one of those global markets that are built in, it’s just not efficiently run, and so that is our task.”

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