Toronto’s Wimoto Seeks Funding for Multi-sensory iOS and Android Device Called Motes

In mid-May, Toronto-based startup Wimoto launched a new tiny sensory device that can measure just about anything from climate to light levels. Motes are about the size of five quarters stacked on each other. They have a weatherproof shield and their clever construction allows them to be placed just about anywhere.

The wireless sensor works cohesively with iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux or Raspberry Pi devices to help you stay connected with your world. Rather you are trying to find the perfect soil temperature to grow your garden in or if you want to monitor your new born daughter, Mote just about does it all with a battery life that last about a year and without the need of any Internet connection.

In order to sense and measure certain locations with accuracy, Motes must be extremely durable. Coated in a silicone gasket on the enclosure, a one-way membrane for the humidity sensor and the same electronics coating used on oilrigs, Motes are state of the art tough.

“I originally got the idea due to my interest in gardening,” said Marc Nicholas, Chief Technology Officer and creator of Motes. “But when my son was born, I wanted to monitor the temperature and humidity in his bedroom overnight for health reasons, and I was surprised to find no low-cost, simple iPhone solution existed.”

Data from the Motes can be uploaded through the cloud service simply by accessing the free app or by using the optional bridge for real-time information via Wifi.

Wimoto is currently campaigning for the Motes on Indiegogo. They have doubled their goal of $22,000 and there is still 36 days left on the fixed funding campaign. With $43,000 already in the back pocket, the possibilities are endless, just like the Motes themselves.

There are currently four different breeds of Motes. The Climote was the first, built for its precise measurement in ambient temperature, humidity and light level.

Next came the Growmote, which alerts the user’s iPhone or Android when it is the ideal time to water plants and also send warning about harmful growing conditions such as frost or wind chill.

Then there is the Thermote, which works great for measuring pool temperature, food, animal habitats and anything else, but unlike traditional thermometers, the Thermote does not require probing. Simply point it at the object and you will get its temperature.

After exceeding their original funding, Wimoto was able to introduce the Securimote. An infrared motoion sensor that is able to detect human movement up to a 16-foot radius. An onboard accelerometer will notify users whenever the Securimote moves, perfect for alerting when someone approaches a door or if a toddler climbs out of bed at night.

Wimoto have been developing Motes for many years and now as funding is reaching the next level, they are preparing for pre-production. Indiegogo funding will go to several major task, plastic enclosure moulding, regulatory testing, and electronics assembly and fulfillment.

Prototypes for additional Motes are also in the works, if funding continues to go as well as it has, Wimoto wouldn’t mind adding them to the existing campaign.

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