Google Launches Partners Pilot Exclusively in Canada

This week Google Canada launched a new partnership program in hopes of helping organizations all across the country. Web presence and online marketing is a big factor in today’s business world, and Google wants to make it easier for businesses to connect with the right agencies and digital experts.

Google Partners, a pilot launching exclusively in Canada, allows agencies and web professionals to access Google resources, training and support with ease all in one place. The program is also hoping to create a community that fosters knowledge sharing within the industry, as well as providing more opportunities for dialogue with Google specialists.

By joining up with Google Partners, agencies and web professionals will be able to earn a Google Partner badge, which indicates to your current and future clients that you are a trusted Google Partner. You will also be able to join an exclusive Google+ community and receive support from specialists and speak with industry experts.

Another perk is that Google will assist your business with potential clients through the Google Partner Search, a unique system that assesses your requirements and targets to match you with appropriate customers. And lastly, Google will also give all partners access to exclusive content, including the latest Google-created trainings, case studies and expertise-enhancing pitch materials.

A successful online business is more than getting links and retweets, and Google Partners knows that. That is why the program will only connect businesses with agencies and certified professionals they trust. All professionals partnered with Google will have the latest and best practices, as well as first-class knowledge of the online medium.

For the time being, Google Partners will only be a pilot project available in Canada. But with an estimated 6,000 organizations and web experts active across the country, Google is aiming to broaden the horizon in the months to come.

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