Yahoo Introduces New Flickr Experience with Free Terabyte of Space for 500,000 High-res Photos

A picture is worth a thousand words and nobody knows that fact better than Flickr. The image and video hosting website is now offering users one terabyte of free space—that is over 500,000 original, full-resolution, pixel-perfect photographs. Flickr users can now capture every image, relive moments, and share artistic expressions without any worries about storage space.

The new Flickr desktop design also enhances the photo viewing experience. By eliminating some white space, the fresh display offers more room for pictures. A photostream with an endless scrolling gallery makes exploring images faster and easier. And for the truly stunning photographs, a new slideshow feature will exhibit the most spectacular Flickr photos in full-screen from and for users all around the world.

“With smartphones in our pockets at all times, we’re all photographers on a daily basis,” writes Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer on Yahoo’s Tumblr.

Flickr wants to embrace the freedom by launching the new version of a familiar app for Android and tablet users. Resembling the iPhone app that came out in December, the one for Android will maintain quality of the original image. Every picture taken, edited, shared or viewed on an Android or tablet will look its best, according to Mayer. The app is available in the Google Play store and is offered in 10 languages worldwide.

“We hope you’ll agree that we have made huge strides to make Flickr awesome again,” concludes Mayer.

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