Canadian Startup Enginuity is a Social Search Engine That Requires a Membership

Enginuity Search Media is Durham, Ontario resident Daniel Gardiner’s brainchild.

His objective is to create a new search engine that ranks search results based on social shares. By connecting links from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, Enginuity allows people to measure usefulness of links more effectively. After each search, a bar will appear beside the results showing the traction it has with social sites.

Liking posts and sharing contents has become a popular trend in online media and Gardiner recognizes the benefits. “We’re very picky on what we share, so I think that really counts,” Gardiner said in an interview with “It shows someone really valued that information versus something that’s gotten no shares at all.”

Enginuity also offers a more advance search review by allowing viewers to separate basic searches into categories. Unlike common search engines such as Google or Bing, Enginuity requires a membership.

There is no fee to use the search engine; however, a premium member will have additional perks. These additions include viral searching, where users can track trending content through social sharing, as well as social commentary rating for an insight on the public’s thought about any given search result. Premium membership is $11 per month. A free trial is available.

Gardiner, CEO of Enginuity Search Media is a software engineer with 12 years of experience behind him. He understands that marketing is changing and in order for growing companies to get recognition they must be aware of trending and trendy content.

By keeping pace with what is current and viral, businesses can target advertisements more effectively. Enginuity is hoping to help that process by eliminating the filler from searches and focusing on the most popular results.


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