Douglas Students’ Union hosts first pub afternoon event of 2013


Formerly published in The Other Press. Jan. 15 2013

By Elliot Chan, Contributor

On January 8, the first DSU organized pub event of 2013 supplied beer, bites, and brainy fun. Though the event had an early start time, making for a smaller crowd, it simply meant more free food, shorter wait time at the pool and air hockey tables, and a better opportunity to mingle with fellow students.

“The DSU decided to incorporate events where students can just come hang out after class,” said Chris Raeside, DSU member-at-large and event organizer. “We wanted to create a beer garden vibe so students don’t have to go home and then come back.” The event’s time allowed for those who chose to attend a chance to relax before heading home. “We aim to cater to different crowds,” said Raeside, “perhaps we would have it earlier next time.” The last pub afternoon at Douglas was held in the summer, while the sun was out at four o’clock and the patio was open.

But time was not a factor for silent trivia. After 20 questions concerning sports, movies, and geography to name a few, a sudden death showdown took place. A 17 to 17 tie between Alex Gibson, Humanities/Print Future student, and our very own staff writer, Eric Wilkins, increased the drama. The victor got to walk away with a round of free beer and bragging rights to last the whole year. The deciding question was “what year did Facebook open up to users the age of 13?” After three rounds of incorrect answers, Gibson managed to answer correctly: 2006.

However, Douglas’ new trivia champion was not crowned without controversy. Upon further review, DSU organizers realized that Wilkins had originally gotten a total of 18 out of 20 correct and was in fact the overall winner, therefore making the sudden death playoff redundant. But in a fine display of Douglas College class and sportsmanship, handshakes and drinks were shared and not the bitter reprise of competitions.

“It’s all for fun,” said Wilkins, lounging in his chair, enjoying the splendor of victory and a bowl of Cheetos. “I’ll just have to defend my title at the next event.”

January 24 is the date for the next DSU pub night with “Graffiti” as the theme. So take a moment out of the doldrums of homework and classroom for a “Flippy Cup” competition, free food, and a welcoming atmosphere.


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