Marketing Portfolio

Please click on the links below to view assets from major projects that I’ve been involved with in various marketing roles: Marketing Lead, Product Marketer, Content Marketer/Writer, and On-Camera Host.

VidCon 2019:

Project Coordinator, Marketing Lead, and On-Camera Host

VidCon Online Campaign

YouTube Travel Vlog Series (tutorials): Content Marketer, Script Writer, and On-Camera Host

CyberWeekend Sale 2019:

Product Marketing Lead (total sales of new orders increased by 37.55% from the previous period) 

CyberWeekend Sale 2019 (Promo Video)

CyberWeekend Sale 2019 (Landing Page)

Control Mobile Inc. Projects (2015-2016):

Control: The Great Guide to eCommerce (ebook): Content Marketer

Control: Stripe Ecosystem (infographic): Content Marketer

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